Selected projects

Smart Kids Planet in Warsaw

Located on PGE Narodowy stadium in Warsaw Smart Kids Planet is an interactive area for children under the age of 10, divided into several themed and age appropriated sections. Our company prepared toys for 4 themed sections.

Science Garden – Museum of Municipal Engineering in Krakow

Extensive educational park is divided in several themed areas where visitors can conduct experiments and learn about laws of physics using a wide range of special devices. For the exposition in Science Garden we’ve built 58 interactive exhibits and devices that demonstrate scientific issues in mechanics, acoustics, hydrostatics and optics.

Pirate Ship

Pirate Ships is an exposition dedicated to children of age 5 and older. There are 14 various play spots arranged around the ship and on its deck, many of them with themed, sea-related names: Captain’s bridge, Deck corridor, Letter in a bottle, Playing pipes, Cranks and belts, Patterns of colorful balls, Pictures, Navigator’s position, Bells, Ensign on the mast, On-board gym, Acoustic telephone, Twisted fun, Hammer a stake.

“On the Revolutions” exhibition – The Centre of Modern Times in Toruń

Permanent exhibition “On the Revolutions” in The Centre of Modern Times in Toruń is dedicated to the idea of rotary motion and its practical applications. For the exhibition we’ve build large interactive mechanical exhibits that demonstrate usege and applications of various gears and drives, transmission belts, lifts and ratchets.

Physics Park in Nowa Sól

Educational Physics Park in Nowa Sól is the largest object of this kind in the region. Exposition consist, among others, of 46 exhibits provided by our company, that allow to conduct experiments and demonstrations.