Smart Kids Planet in Warsaw

Smart Kids Planet

Smart Kids Planet in Warsaw

Located on PGE Narodowy stadium in Warsaw Smart Kids Planet is an interactive area for children under the age of 10, divided into several themed and age appropriated sections. Our company prepared toys for 4 themed sections.


We’ve built 8 large mechanical exhibits such as crane, 3 conveyors, trolleys, recycling containers and washer-dryer for the Recycle section that demonstrates the whole process of recycling waste materials. We’ve provided a crane and a conveyor for the Create section where children can feel like they’re at a construction site. We’ve also equipped this section with a board filled with special little sticks that allow children to imprint various shapes.


For the Train section dedicated to sports we’ve built an obstacle course that helps practice dribbling and a goal with a mechanical goalkeeper that allows children to perform free kicks. With our special platforms it’s also possible to measure your running speed.


We’ve provided the central element of Explore section, which is a large space rocket that children can move around in using special platforms, sensory tunnels, slides and climbing walls. For this section we’ve also designed a light board made of 900 pixels that change color when twisted around their axis and allow children to create unique light pictures.


With such age appropriated, colorful exhibits that stimulate imagination children can develop their motor and manual skills, meet their need to explore the world, expand their creativity – all while having great time.