Science Garden

Museum of Municipal Engineering in Krakow

Stanisław Lem Science Garden in Krakow

Science Garden is an outdoor division of Museum of Municipal Engineering in Krakow, located in the beautiful Polish Aviator’s Park. Extensive educational park is divided in several themed areas where visitors can conduct experiments and learn about laws of physics using a wide range of special devices.


For the exposition in Science Garden we’ve built 58 interactive exhibits and devices that demonstrate scientific issues in mechanics, acoustics, hydrostatics and optics. Using exhibits such as Kaleidoscope, Spiral and Cylindrical mirror visitors can observe optic phenomena and learn about reflection of light.


In the hydrostatic section of the garden you can explore Archimedes’ law and various liquid behaviors using devices provided by our company such as Cartesian Diver, Hydraulic scale and Water in a spinning sphere.


For the area focused on acoustics we’ve prepared a number of extraordinary music instruments such as Stone dulcimer, Echo chamber and Pan Flute which allow visitors to examine sound waves and the ways they spread through air.


In the mechanic section thanks to swings, balance platforms, trampolines and rotary platforms provided by our company visitors can learn about different kinds of forces, gravitation and centrifugal force among others.


With our educational interactive exhibits visitors of all ages can get to know physics phenomena in practice while also spending pleasant time on active recreation.