Physics Park in Nowa Sól

mechanics, acoustics, hydrostatics and optics

Physics Park in Nowa Sól

Educational Physics Park in Nowa Sól is the largest object of this kind in the region. Exposition consist, among others, of 46 exhibits provided by our company, that allow to conduct experiments and demonstrations.


Exhibition is divided into several themed areas where visitors can get to know various issues in mechanics, acoustics, hydrostatics and optics.


Visitors can conduct experiments demonstrating Archimedes’ law using our Cartesian Diver or experience the effects of centrifugal force on the Large rotary platform. The results of light reflection from curved surfaces can be observed while using the Cylindrical mirror of variable curvature, and the changes in the sound pitch may be examined with Tubular bells. Many other exhibits provided by our company allow to learn about science while having fun at the same time.


Exhibition is located in recreational park – all the devices are set outside in the beautiful park allowing visitors to spend quality time on learning and active recreation.